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Millerdale supplies croutons, breadsticks and croutini for fresh produce, snacking and ambient grocery.

All products are oven baked using Fresh Bread and Premium Natural Ingredients. Millerdale is currently supplying retail, bagged & convenience salad producers, food service and export.

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The Crouton Co. is a delicious range of oven baked croutons made with the finest ingredients, baked into our fresh baked dough.   The range consists of:  
  • 40g Garlic & Herb Croutons
  • 40g Black Pepper and...
Originally developed to liven up salads, our Croutons are increasingly being used the traditional way with soups or just eaten on their own as a healthier alternative to crisps.   More and more chefs are developing new uses for them. For e...
Why not try one of our delicious recipes at home? Our croutons, croutinis and breadsticks go perfectly with a wide variety of foods & flavours. This tomato, lentil & lamb soup goes perfectly with salted & peppered croutons or even croutinis topped with grilled cheese. Tuck in!
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