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All of our Croutons, Croutini, Brushetta and Breadsticks are made from fresh bread, with only the finest natural ingredients baked into the dough. They contain no artificial additives, preservatives, colours, flavours, emulsifiers or dough improvers. All of our freshly baked breads are made using olive oil or rapeseed oil which are naturally low in saturates and high in monounsaturates. In addition, we guarantee that there are no hydrogenated fats or genetically modified (GM) ingredients used.


Our Croutons are perfect for soups and salads. Our Breadsticks are fabulous for dunking and scooping into dips and our Croutini and Bruschetta are irresistible with a riot of delicious toppings. They can, of course, all be eaten straight from the pack.


As only the finest natural ingredients are baked into our fresh bread, all of our products are bursting with natural flavours. A rich variety of products are available and Black Pepper, Garlic, Coriander, Roasted Shallot and Black Olive are just some of the taste sensations on offer.


•   CROUTONS   •

Originally developed to liven up salads, our Croutons are increasingly being used the traditional way with soups or just eaten on their own as a healthier alternative to crisps.


More and more chefs are developing new uses for them. For example; crushing them and using them in their recipes as a ‘flavoursome’ alternative to breadcrumbs.


•   CROUTINI   •

Developed by us to combine the shape of traditional crostini with the flavour and crunch of our croutons. When used with the addition of some simple store cupboard ingredients, fresh fruits, meats, fish and cheeses our Croutini can be transformed into an Aladdin’s Cave of taste and excitement.


So, with our Croutini and a bit of imagination, you’ll always be ready to impress.



Fabulous for dunking and scooping into fresh dips and hummus; our Breadsticks make fantastic finger food.


So, when you’re having a party, are faced with some unexpected guests or just fancy a nibble, give them a try!

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